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A Lantern for the City

The ArtsUnion Beacon aims to create a symbol for Union Square that celebrates its multicultural and artistic richness while creating a landmark for Somerville and the city. The concept developed out of the analogy of a cultural quilt stitched together by different local culture’s ornamental patterns. We found this idea to represent the qualities that make this community a desired place by artist and immigrant alike.

O Z I I O is also interested in creating not just a representative beacon, but a way finding device that relates and enhances the urban context, as our interest and passion for design rest in improving the urban experience. For this reason our proposal includes a system for lighting the beacon from the inside making its patterns visible at night, and acting as a lantern for Union Square. Another reason we proposed interior lighting stems from concern about energy use and potential lighting contamination.  The essential idea is to be able to exhibit the beacon and its design as a landmark that also helps orient pedestrians night and day.

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  • 14.Dec
  • O Z I I O presents parklets @ Livable Streets
  • This past Tuesday O Z I I O co-founder Justin Viglianti spoke to transportation advocates on the benefits of neighborhood driven street design at the Livable Streets 2nd annual 10in1 series. Justin along with 9 other planning and design professionals presented their recent work to promote safer and more livable streets. The O Z I [...]


O Z I I O is a Boston based design collaborative re-awakening the potential of design in everyday life. We believe that design is inspired by the people and places that make the built environment a unique and rich database of ideas. Our mission is to transform those ideas into informative, creative, and provocative designs that are considered integral pieces of the urban landscape.





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Justin Viglianti
Designer PM

Andres Bernal
Designer LEED AP

Alfredo Rico-Dimas
Graphic Designer



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