Sacramento Catalyst Competition

A design competition for California’s capitol mall



Location: Sacramento, California
Design Team: Justin Viglianti, Andrea Gaffney, Robert Glass
Sponsors: AIA Central Valley + The City of Sacramento
Project Year: 2011

Catalyst, the 2011 international open ideas competition, delivered world-class forward thinking, innovative and implementable design solutions to reinvent Capitol Mall–the gateway to the City of Sacramento and California’s capitol. The program was a joint effort by AIA Central Valley and the City of Sacramento.

This vision encompasses planning transformations that can happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and many years from now. At this point, the future of the global economy and related long-term, large investment capital is uncertain. As such, this proposal suggests an open-ended future for the more capital-intensive development along the Capitol Mall, similar to West Sacramento’s concept for The Bridge District TBD (To Be Determnined). Instead, we focus this proposal on short-term, small-capital investment, an opportunity to practice Incremental Urbanism and Iterative Placemaking.

On the Banks of the Mall considers both the civic and commercial aspects of the Capitol Mall, and proposes a series of linked spaces that contribute to the overall identity of this significant place. Sequenced landscapes are bookended by the iconic Tower Bridge and Capitol building. The new gateway procession from the Sacramento River to the Capitol, offers a variety of experiences: From the tranqulity of the vegetated Capitol Gardens to the social life programed on the plaza on Capitol Mall, ON THE BANKS OF THE MALL breaks down the monumental size of the Mall as a civic gesture into a series of human-scaled spaces, where the people of Sacramento can enjoy their city. For special events, the spaces link together to form a flexible framework for hosting large civic events.

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Designer LEED AP

Alfredo Rico-Dimas
Graphic Designer



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