Forgotten Urban Spaces

Forgotten Urban Lots Competition In a city whose infrastructure continues to change, the number of construction sites and abandoned lots provide nothing but wasted space. The goal in this competition was to created City Dwelling out of a forgotten urban lot adjacent to the service corridor behind Newbury Street and the emergency exit on route [...]

M-PAD: Build Boston Student Housing Competition

The Cost of Living: Boston is on par with San Francisco and New York as the most expensive cities to live in across the United States, and with housing prices grossly stripping income levels, is one of the hardest cities for a person to own equity. The Pre-Fab Approach: Pre-fabrication challenges designers to simplify their [...]

Funktional Design

Thoughts on Designing in a Sub-Culture In today’s design world, the possibilities to pursue a career in the field have become available independently from a traditional education. A new influx of non-formally trained designers has brought a new approach that invigorates the Industry through the eclectic artistry and unconventional methods of marketing that occur in [...]

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  • 14.Dec
  • O Z I I O presents parklets @ Livable Streets
  • This past Tuesday O Z I I O co-founder Justin Viglianti spoke to transportation advocates on the benefits of neighborhood driven street design at the Livable Streets 2nd annual 10in1 series. Justin along with 9 other planning and design professionals presented their recent work to promote safer and more livable streets. The O Z I [...]


O Z I I O is a Boston based design collaborative re-awakening the potential of design in everyday life. We believe that design is inspired by the people and places that make the built environment a unique and rich database of ideas. Our mission is to transform those ideas into informative, creative, and provocative designs that are considered integral pieces of the urban landscape.





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